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ritual concrete + goods polished concrete large candle essential tray match pot sand colour

One of a Kind
Polished Concrete

About Us

Welcome to Ritual Concrete + Goods, a creative studio nestled in the heart of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Established in 2022, our passion project was born from the shared dreams of Marlena and Blake, a dynamic husband-wife duo. Marlena brings her creative prowess to the forefront, excelling in the arts of candlemaking, marketing, and design. In contrast, Blake specializes in the concrete realm, mastering everything from the intricacies of concrete finishing to mold making and research and development.

Each product we craft is a reflection of our harmonious partnership and the natural beauty that surrounds us on Vancouver Island. Meticulously blending functionality with artistry, we invite you to explore our realm, where passion meets craftsmanship. Our creations embody a focus on detail and creativity, offering not just products but an artful resonance that enhances the beauty and meaning of every home.

Join us on this journey, and let Ritual Concrete + Goods become a part of your story—where craftsmanship meets dreams, and life’s spaces are made more beautiful and meaningful.

ritual concrete + goods polished concrete essential tray incense burner match pot - sand colour
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