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Incense – Use & Benefits

What is Incense?

Incense is an aromatic organic material that produces fragrant smoke when burnt. Popular forms of incense include sticks, cones, palo santo, sage bundles, and resin. We carry Floré Canadian Incense which is handmade in Toronto using high quality ingredients and essential oils.

How to Use Incense

When lighting incense you can use matches, lighters, or other sources of open flame. Start by lighting the tip and letting the flame catch the incense. Softly blow to extinguish the flame and continue to do so until the ember glows and smokes. From here you can place your incense into an incense bowl or holder. Our polished concrete incense bowls are amazing because of their multi-purpose design. They have a slot for incense sticks and large dish that catches ash that can also hold herb bundles or palo santo.

What Are the Benefits of Incense

One of the most basic benefits of incense is the warm aromatics that envelope your home when burned. Some blends of incense can stimulate creativity and focus, uplift your mood, help with quality of sleep, and purify the air within your home. 

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